Creative Commons License

Hey folks, one of our clients has built something with a Creative Commons License. However, they’ve developed their business model since doing so, and are exploring delivering more commercial work. That would mean spinning off and white-labelling some parts of what has been already licensed with CC. Is there anyone here who’s an expert in this kind of thing that might be open to having a chat with them about what is and isn’t possible?



Hey Polly, I know a fair bit - let me message you


There are several different Creative Commons licenses and they have also been modified over time (I recall there were some big problems with some earlier ones), do you know exactly which one(s) they have used?

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I hesitate to help people take things away from a co-operative commonwealth, but if they own the copyright (which they probably do if it was a work created as part of employment or other contract), then they can relicense it or dual-license it as they see fit.

Of course, most CC licences (not the No-Derivatives ones or the “rich person’s plaything” Non-Commercial junk) are quite compatible with commercial work, but not with unsustainable anticooperative business models based on exploiting monopolies.


Another person worth talking with is Andrew Katz.

He’s done a lot of excellent work on OSHW licences, and has given me useful advice. :smiley: