Could you deliver workshops to promote co-operatives?

Hi everyone. Sharing this on behalf of a colleague at Co-operatives UK:

Brief to deliver in-person ‘Is a co-op right for you?’ workshops to raise awareness of co-operatives to new sectors and audiences

Co-operatives UK is excited to invite practitioners, co-ops and other relevant organisations to submit proposals to deliver one or more ‘Is starting a co-op business right for you?’ workshops across the UK between November 2023 and March 2024. This is a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of co-operatives to new audiences.

We can pay £1000 + VAT for the co-ordination and delivery of each workshop. This does not include direct costs of the venue hire, refreshments, speaker costs and registration, which are budgeted for separately.

We would expect co-ordinators to be able to use their local networks and channels to organise and promote the workshop to relevant audiences and to be able to invite local co-op speakers.

How to register interest
If you have relevant experience in the co-op model and co-op legal forms, can evidence delivery of similar activity and have a breadth of knowledge and experience of different types of co-ops then please:

Proposals should be submitted no later than midday, Thursday 14 September 2023. If you have any questions, please contact We will confirm successful co-ordinators by Friday 22 September 2023.

This series is funded via our Business Support for Co-ops programme, brought to you by Co-operatives UK and The Co-operative Bank, working in partnership to support fair and ethical business.