CoTech Winter 2019 Gathering : Newcastle

There will be a two day CoTech gathering in Newcastle at Star & Shadow Cinema Co-Op on Friday 13th and Saturday 14th December 2019 with a party on the Friday night, see the wiki page for the event for details and please purchase tickets for the event if you wish to attend, low income price £11.00, standard price £33.00, solidarity price £44.00 and super-solidarity price £66.00


It’s in the diary, nice work, folks!

I will take this to the members and see who from AC can join.

Any thoughts on how we decide on the agenda / focus for the event?

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In terms of agenda structure I felt the combination of working groups with morning discussions worked well in Sheffield?

Regarding agenda content it might be best to start with the present needs of CoTech, maybe someone who has been a member for longer would be better qualified to comment?

Other than this are there some initial ideas for working groups, or discussions? My input to this would be:

  • resource mapping and potential to systematise a way for co-ops in CoTech to collaborate/share resources (on projects, in training, infrastructure, etc)
  • potentially bidding for work collectively as CoTech, and the next steps towards this
  • sharing resources toward social goals (e.g. climate, open-source, internet collectives, other means of communalising property, abolition of hierarchy, …)

I’ll also add this as an agenda point for the general call next week

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Amazing, very exciting. Looking forward to it! I will feed in on agenda soon.

Thanks for organising @calummackervoy and co.


Good start @calummackervoy

Yes, let’s discuss this on the call next week and come up with some ideas of how to engage people in this process. I guess we should also discuss how to promote the gathering to get a good (size wise) group coming.


Hey @calummackervoy are you up for having a call about the event? I’ve organised one in London and helped out with the event in Sheffield so I can maybe give you some tips about the logistics and also help out if you let me know what input you’re looking for.

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Hi Polly, yes please! I’ll be in touch to arrange a time :slight_smile:

Brilliant, thank you for the effort. At least 2 Animorphs will join the Gathering!

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Had a great chat with @polly yesterday, thanks again for the help! The next thing on the todo list is to arrange the working groups, with someone leading each. It would benefit productivity if the working groups are prepared in advance :slight_smile:

@Jonathan/@chris any chance you have a list of the working groups from last time (and perhaps reference to the progress they made)? Off the top of my head there were

Apologies whomever I’ve missed!

I didn’t do anything on the website last time in Sheffield, I was involved in putting together a proposal for a decision making circle. I think @harry among others worked on the website.

My mistake, apologies. Wanted to tag people in to get the conversation going but don’t have anything to go on other than memory!

There is a list of the working groups on the wiki.

I remember myself and @stephen working through some of the outsanding issues on the website in Sheffield, I expect the ones marked as closed 5 months ago are the things that got done.


(from the wiki)

  • Comms and Branding
  • Governance and Membership
  • Skills Sharing
  • Website improvements

Also from memory

  • Business Development (Comms and Branding?)
  • Onboarding
  • Fund

I suppose the next step is to identify which of these should also be workshops in December, and if there are any new workshops which should be added? I think it would also be useful to have someone taking responsibility for each workshop & making sure it’s prepped?

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Regarding skills sharing, there might be some that could simply be done between us using unstructured and non-standardised text, but I also guess that lots more potential opens up if we develop some kind of shared skills or competence framework, which we started out trying to work towards at the London meeting last year. We’ve more likely to make progress if we prepare for it this time – is anyone up for that? Like, no teams of one person (sound principle I think).

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I’d be interested in the folk using Ansible getting together and sharing what we have been up to since the CoTech Hack 2018 and I’d also be interested in a discussion about co-operatives, copyright and licenses.

I’d be interested in a workshop in Ecology/sustainability & technology, (sorry but I’ve got no particular expertise to offer)

I have added a location and dates to this the top post in thread so it appears on the map and calendar.

There appears to be a bug with adding events, however since the plugin author, @angus, is setting up a Discourse co-op that will hopefully be joining CoTech I’m confident that this will soon be resolved :-). The events button not appearing has been solved thanks to @fzngagan :slight_smile:.


Thanks so much for putting this together. Will decide next week who we will send from Common Knowledge.

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I’m coming for Cetis LLP. (Payment problem was my end.)

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