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Robin’s Pathway

Robin Murray wrote the report ‘Co-operation in the Age of Google’.

It identified tech as both a challenge and an opportunity for co-ops and proposed some far-sighted ways of addressing them. I believe CoTech has a leading role to play (responsibility?) in implementing some of these. True, it’s hard for small co-ops to offer much pro bono effort, but multiple small efforts, pooled and co-ordinated, can make an impact - and potentially lead on to future paid work.

This session would initiate some of the many ways in which CoTech as a group, or in groups, can support the wider co-op community to address the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities.

It would start by people saying what they would like to offer and then forming commonality clusters to discuss and plan what to do together, at the end posting a statement commitment, intent and plans.

(Re)reading ‘Co-operation in the Age of Google’ first is strongly recommended (everyone should anyway), even if only the Synopsis at the beginning.

Personally I’m interested in an co-op exchange and mutual credit platform as a foundation on which to integrate and extend the co-op economy.

(Note: At year three, CoTech still seems to have a strong inward focus on its processes and organisation, but I believe having an equally strong outward focus would, of necessity, help fine tune, finalise and implement these)


Hey @Bill,

You can see the timetable so far here:

Let me know what time you want. There’s certainly scope for you to go on as long as you want - up to you and the participants (I will perhaps ask you to move to a different room). And yes, Space4 is always available if you’d like to run another event at a later date.

@Polly - could we then have 10-11 on Friday, with the possibility of continuing in the same or another space if people want to?
Many thanks

@Polly - great if we can have a room with wall space board to put up posters and people’s interests.

Ok great I’ve added that to the agenda. Yes, there will be a board. Yes you can continue - depending on who comes after you and their space needs, it may end up being a different room/space.