CoTech Sheffield gathering appreciation thread

I just wanted to give my thanks and appreciation to everyone who made last week’s gathering happen. I really enjoyed the day I spent in Sheffield. In particular thanks to Jonathan and Chris at Web Architects for their organisation, and the folks at DINA for hosting.

I really appreciated people stepping up to organise the agenda at the beginning, and thanks also to everyone for listening patiently to my talk at the beginning of the event. My personal highlight was meeting the folks from Argentina and learning about their co-op network - so a huge thanks to them for coming along.

See you all next time!


Ta Chris, I enjoyed doing it too, and I think it moved on discussion in terms of CoTech plans, funds, organisational stuff, etc. And the Argentinians are great :slight_smile:

Thanks @chrislowis,

It was really nice to meet you and to be able to participate in the gathering.

I send you the presentation in a slightly more user-friendly format, so that you don’t have to download the code if you want to watch it again:

Thanks to everyone who helped us during our trip!

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