CoTech shared contacts and calendar

I have just added a CoTech shared address book and CoTech shared calendar to the Nextcloud server — if people link their devices that support contact lists and calendars (for example phones and any CalDav clients, typically email clients) to these then it could be useful…

It would be great if other people could also add their own contact details.

I have just set up the Nextcloud client and DAVdroid from F-Droid on my LineageOS Android phone and it all seems to be working well :slight_smile:

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OK Chris,
Can I ask a quick basic question please?

Speaking in terms of email, does this mean people could add their contact details, in a useful way? If so, I use Thunderbird but I don’t even know if mine’s got CalDav client installed or whatever - can you kindly recommend any succinct online guidance?

Ta :slight_smile:

Try these instructions for Thunderbird?

I have been using the Lightning extension for years. Works great.

Can the shared contacts and calendars be restricted to subgroups?

Hi @amunizp, yes, multiple contacts and calendars can be created and access right can be set for each, by default contacts and calendars are personal and not shared.

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