CoTech North meetup


It is (just) north of the Watford Gap though, which is how this thread had been framed :grinning:


Well, we had a successful initial meeting about Cooperative Hosting in Manchester, but otherwise this thread didn’t bear fruit.

I’m posting to bump this - the idea of a ‘CoTech North’ meetup - back up onto people’s agenda. The Federation looked like a potentially useful space in Manchester and although our meeting there used a small and rather chilly room - as technologists of course we were unable to work out how to make the aircon system work properly - I think there are other larger spaces that could be utilised there. Plus we didn’t pay anything for the use of the room, @shaun just booked it!

So, two questions:

  1. If we scheduled a meetup in March, who would commit to getting along to that;
  2. What are the hot issues for discussion/development?


I’d come, I don’t have any suggested agenda items at this stage.


I would come if I’m free, and possibly other Cetis LLP colleagues might. Manchester remains a good transport hub for the North, and an obvious place to meet up.