CoTech North meetup

Place to discuss potential meetups north of the Watford Gap.

Currently most of the meetups are organised in London which is hard for some people to get to. There are also various opportunities popping up that might be better served by people who eat tea.

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There’s a space run by Co-op Digital called the Federation here in
Manchester would be a great place to meet and next to a tram stop pricing
is good also, world be happy to help organise a meet-up here

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Manchester is an obvious centre for meeting up in the North. On a good day I might be able to make it to Manchester from Lancaster. We also have meeting space run by a co-op right here in Halton (Halton Mill)
(I should specify that it’s Halton, Lancaster, not any other of the Haltons)

@edrussell @shaun @chris @Graham - who else should be looped into this thread?

It obviously can’t be in everyone’s home town - we did the Scotland meetup in Glasgow and the South East meetup in London.

Maybe agree to rotate the venue for CoTech north?

I thought, “lets check the map”, but I can’t see any co-ops there, has it stopped working? Do we need to raise an issue for this?

There is probably more co-op stuff based in Manchester than anywhere else so holding the event there makes sense.

Co-op Web (Brum) would more than happily host something if someone would like. Unfortunately I’m far to stacked at the moment to organise anything… But if someone would like to we’d love to host…?

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I’d probably go to a meetup in Manchester, and I’d assume that @shaun could probably be coaxed also.

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Yep - someone forgot to escape the address data and Apitivate are based in “Swann’s lane” - I’ll fix now

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Perhaps it would make sense to do the CoTech North planning meeting via Skype?

the map is working again by the way

The map shows we in the north are spread out, both sides of the Pennines, so I agree with the idea of an online meeting. Perhaps with an open source/non-commercial equivalent of Skype?

Like ? I’d like to know of others, or better ones.

I think Jitsi Meet is what you’re looking for?

We use Mumble for meetings in our co-op as it is more stable and has good native clients that do noise gating or push to talk. You’re welcome to use our server for the odd meeting if you want :grinning:

Lolz. Yes - I meant skype not Skype.

I actually had to google “how do I make a phone call using the skype android app” when stuck in a foreign country with data but no calls. As I was about to click “search” I thought, “I’m an information architect and usability consultant - I must be able to work it out”. 10 frustrating minutes later, I was back on Google.

We use the Loomio crew swear by

Personally I think we should use the best tools possible to organise ourselves whoever makes them. I don’t normally quote Lenin, but the idea of the capitalists selling us the rope to hang them with seems pertinent - at least when translated to organisational rather than organic ‘hanging’.

“Capitalist organisations will provide us with the services that we need to build a movement which will ultimately produce a better economic system” – Harry Robbins, 2017

Doesn’t really have the same ring to it though.


For what it’s worth, I’d prefer a face to face meeting to a online meeting.

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+1 for a face to face.

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+1 for both. Initial on-line meeting to share views on arranging the face-to-face.

I’m up for a face to face meetup.

The obvious options would seem to be Birmingham or Manchester. The event itself is now less than a month away, so an agreement would need to be reached fairly quickly.

Please do add me into any online meetings, I’d love to persuade you all to
come to Manchester lol

If there was an opportunity to engage with ‘Co-op Digital’ then for me that could be most important for CoTech. I do feel the need to point out that Birmingham is not in the North (although I’m aware that’s perhaps a relative thing).

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If anyone wants to meet IRL informally quite soon, there is this a general worker co-op meeting coming up in Brum on the 14th of Novemeber which I will be attending.