CoTech Monthly Governance Call 29.07.2020

Hey folks,

July is nearly over which means it’s time for the next CoTech Governance Circle Call.

The call will take place on Wednesday the 29th of July at 4pm. The session will take place here:

Please post the items you would like to add to the agenda.

See you then :slight_smile:


Shame I am on holidays. Would love to be part of it as I do Governance work elsewhere.

Don’t worry Asia, they happen every month so you’ll be able to get on one soon I’m sure :slight_smile:

Thank you for setting up, Polly!

I would like to add CoTech instance of Startinblox/Hubble to the agenda. A proposal for covering expenses of its deployment for CoTech is live on Loomio.

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Feedback from our call about onboarding also :slight_smile:

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Would also like to add CoTech newsletter, which was a great initiative, last one I can find comes from March 2018.

I’m so busy today I’m gonna have to duck out of this one I’m afraid - but I’m getting in touch with Dandelion Collective today to start the onboarding! and @polly/@calummackervoy can update what we did with the onboarding stuff. :smile:

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Argh, I’m sorry I thought I might be able to join this today, but I’m going to be doing the nursery run. Happy to talk about what we did with the newsletter 2 years(!) ago if anyone’s interested.

Notes from the call are on the wiki.