CoTech Hack 2018: putting minutes and notes up on our wiki

I have started adding stuff to our wiki. Let’s try and make sure all the minutes/notes/feedback end up there.

Speak to @chris about getting setup with an account. We should distribute this a bit.

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I am an admin now :slight_smile: - quite a lot of people also have that too.

The list of users is and anyone that has “administrator” next to their name can add new people - there is a page at explaining how to do this.

You can ask on here if you want an account.


@chris FYI, there is an extension called Semantic Meeting Minutes that helps you to capture minutes in your wiki.

The extension is written by James Montalvo of the Meza project, and thus it’s also in the QualityBox project.

e.g. is the form interface.


Just FYI, if anyone has any minutes to add to the wiki but needs some technical help, just post in this thread. You could also post your minutes here or in your session organising thread and someone will help out.

This is the page to add any notes to:

It is linked to from the front page of the wiki under the Previous Events heading.

An example of notes that have already been added to the wiki from the governance and membership session:

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It’d be cool to reach a list of the next steps, which we could also include on CoTech Deck and keep track of progress…

I’m getting round to adding notes from the skills mapping hack, but not actually done it yet. Other participants are (extremely) welcome to start filling in, and I can edit perhaps?