Cotech general circle call 4pm TODAY

We’re sending our main man Nick W (who has a zoom account by the way), anyone else planning on attending? Last call before the gathering in 2 weeks…

Yo, I’m around, no zoom account though. Is it still happening?

Perhaps we can organise something next week specifically to discuss the gathering?

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yeah, next week sounds good

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Shall we keep the same time, 4pm?
Could we ask everyone to specify their preference?

Call on December gathering, when does it work for you?

  • Monday 4pm
  • Tuesday 4pm
  • Wednesday 4pm
  • Thursday 4pm
  • Friday 4pm

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Whichever option gets most votes by Monday 4pm!

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I’m interested to join and observe – folks seemed to say that this was ok when I asked before.

Please do post the join links here when it’s scheduled :slight_smile: (There are a few CoTech spaces, and I’m not certain if the ones I have access to are where call links get posted.)

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