CoTech General Circle call 29th May?

At the the CoTech gathering in Sheffield in April we proposed a monthly call on the last Wednesday of every month.

Is this happening? I might have missed a communication on it because my co-op only just joined CoTech.

If the task is assigned to no-one, then I’m happy to take the lead on it, which I understand would consist of publicising a time and a method of video call, and finding a facilitator and minuter.

I’m assuming that it is, however Autonomic Co-operative have suggested postponing it for a month, but personally I think we should go ahead on 29th May 2019.

The time and method is on the wiki.

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Thank you!

Ok, so at 4pm on Wednesday I’m clicking a link and entering a non-facilitated group call, whose first task is picking a co-ordinator, facilitator and note-taker for the next 3 meetings?

Looking forward to it

Great. I’ll join from Outlandish.

I can make it! I just think the turnout will be low.

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thanks for kickstarting this @KingMob

what you suggest for that call looks like a very sensible starting point. I can’t make it, sadly, but will try to get someone from AC.

As an aside, I agree that turnout may well be low which could mean those attending are coopted into the roles - just warning ya!

Also @polly looks like Outlandish haven’t voted yet :wink:

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@kawaiipunk I agree that turnout will probably be low. I think that June’s turnout will be helped by having this one though.

My main reason for wanting it to happen tomorrow is the sweet satisfaction of being right a month ago in predicting the future. We said this meeting would take place on this day, and lo, it was done! Truly, we are masters of our destiny and the captains of our fate

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I’ll be attending what’s the link?

Wednesday 29th May 2019 - 16:00 BST

The circle will meet in

Backup is

@aaron thanks for pointing that out. I’ll bring to our members’ meeting tomorrow am. I’m sure it’s a loomi-go.

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Nice, I see what you did there

Will try joining thanks for setting up!

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I can join from Agile Collective, and will be volunteering @aaron for most of the things.


I’ll second all of @maria’s proposals.

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I had intended to be on this call, but something’s come up locally on a major project that I’m involved in, so I’ll need to give apologies on this occasion. I hope it goes well.

We have officially MOVED TO THE JITSI LINK:

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Minutes here:

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I will leave the minutes till later tonight before archiving them on the wiki if anyone wants to add anything.


That was a good start, thank you everyone!


Wiki version of the meeting notes:

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