CoTech General Circle Call 28th August 2019

See the wiki page for the agenda.

Err, so is the 28th (as stated in the title) or the 29th (as specified)?

Thanks for spotting another of my typos, I have corrected it, the proposal was that:

The circle will meet at 16:00 UK time on the last Wednesday of every month.


Is there a mailing list yet to notify all the cotech coops about this call? I’d like to publicise it a bit, given that last call wasn’t quorate

I setup a list for this but I don’t think it has been used, @liam is the list admin.

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Hi everyone, sorry for the radio silence. I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal issues over the last few weeks. I’d like to apologise for not being at the last meeting and lack of publicity.

I will get a thread started today and email those on the list.

Please accept my apologies.

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Hi Everyone,:

Apologies for the lack of meeting last month.

This time round for our next call on the 28/08/19 at 16:00 GMT.

Please remember to sign up to the mailing list here: and subscribe.

In the mean time, please post your comments below and we look forward to the next call!

The Next call will be accessible here:

Alternatively, if you face quality issues with the online platform, why not dial in with a good 'ol phone?

Dial the following number applicable to your country:

US: +1.512.402.2718
UK: +44.121.468.3154
France: +
Germany: +49.89.380.38719
Spain: +34.932.205.409
Canada: +1.647.243.6108
Australia: +61.8.7150.1136
Brazil: +55.21.3500.0112
Japan: +81.3.4510.2372
Switzerland: +41.61.588.0496

And enter the Coop-Tech Circle Call PIN, which is: 807580223