CoTech General Circle Call 28/10/2020

At the last community call in September we set the date for the call this month though without assigning anyone to setting it up ;]

Please join the monthly general circle call this Wednesday 28th of October at 4pm. Let’s connect via CoTech room on CoTech

Please post the items you would like to add to the agenda.

Until soon!

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Agenda point - I would like to talk about the ongoing scheme with the University of Essex, run by @PBloom. The first call is that morning (28th October) - see here for details. It would be great to have as many CoTech people joining as possible, I will also give an update and summary in the CoTech call at 4pm :slight_smile:


Nice one @Lucy, looking forward to hearing how it went! I would like to briefly report on Hubl onboarding progress and ask for initial reactions on funding a new CoTech video through our Fund!

I’m afraid I can’t make the meeting today, I hope it goes well.

Minutes for the call are on the wiki. Thanks everyone who made it along.

@harry @SzczepanOfAnimorph - you took an action each I think, details in the minutes.

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