CoTech General Circle Call 27/01/2021

Good morning (just about) !

The next CoTech general circle call is taking place on the following Wednesday (27th Jan) at 4pm, just click the following link:

It would be great to catch up and see where do we go in 2021!

Add your agenda items directly on wiki page or post them in the thread.

Until soon🎈

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Thanks @SzczepanOfAnimorph, I have added a few items to the agenda, more work is probably needed on this…

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We’re here :wave: :wave: :wave:

Great to see everybody, the notes are on the wiki.


Brilliant, thanks Chris. I’ll take the action to prepare and share a financial update for the fund.


Thanks for the notes. Feels like there is a decent momentum at the start of 2021, so this is exciting!

Will put the next date in the diary and try to send someone along.

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