CoTech Gathering: Appreciation Thread

Just a quick note to say thank you to @polly and everyone else involved in organising the CoTech gathering. It was a really inspiring event that’s filled me full of enthusiasm and energy. It was lovely to see some old friends and make some new ones - and meeting our international cooperators from France and Argentina was a real highlight.

Thanks also for everyone who got involved in the website and branding hacks - I think we had a fun, productive time.

Let’s do this again soon!


I’d like to echo what Chris said above, thank you so much for your awesome organising work @polly.

Doing it again, in the spring sounds like an excellent idea, where and when would work? I’ll see if Webarchitects can come up with a viable Sheffield option, we had been discussing hosting a one day nothern CoTech meeting but perhaps we could manage something like the gathering we just had in London.

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Ditto to both the Chris & sorry I couldn’t be more involved. Bring on the spring…


Thanks to everyone involved, it was a great get-together, and an impressive feat of unorganisation, lots of new faces and putting faces to names, as well as catching up with allies and collaborators,

i’ve come away full of inspiration and solidarity, and feeling very positive about GreenNet’s future involvement…


What a lovely group of people you all are!

Thanks to @polly not just for organising the event but for making a success of Space4 with the Founders and Coders and all the other residents. Its great that we’ve managed to create a bit of a space dedicated to this sort of thing, and it would be great to see more of them around the country.

Seems like the sort of thing councils should be supporting #justSayin

Really looking forward to another one in the not too distant.


It was my first-ever CoTech gathering & I’m well impressed, thanks to all of you gorgeous people


Same as @Lucinda, my first time seeing Space4 and meeting a lot of the CoTech people. I was made to feel very welcome and I’m extremely grateful.

Can’t wait for the next one and I hope to bring more Code-Operators with me!

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My thanks too to @polly for holding it together, steering by @PeteBurden and @aaron and bravo Outlandish for creating Space4, which I saw for first time.


It was great!

Thanks to everyone who participated and organised. It took me the whole weekend to recover. The next one needs to be sooner than 12 months as there’s just too much to talk about!


I’m not much of a writer, I’m sure lots of other people will write better blog posts about the event, but here is something I threw together:

Miss you all already!

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It was an absolute pleasure hosting and pulling the event together with you all. What a great network of smart and dedicated people we have! I’ve come away from the event feeling hugely inspired about everyone’s work, but particularly about the role that I and Space4 initiatives can play in helping it grow.

In terms of the next one, Chapel Street Studios from Bradford couldn’t make it this time round since they’re all really busy because they’ve opened a coworking space and cafe. It might be nice to go there?

@chrisI know a few people with venues in Sheffield. I’ll reach out to them and work out whether any would be appropriate.

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Thanks @polly, we should start a separate thread on the next event, I was thinking of giving Steve from CADS a bell…

Hello all!

I’m not sure if this is the right place to do so, but I wanted to ask you if some of you would be interested to join Happy Dev’s chat. We’ll discuss how to get our networks closer there. Just ping me if you are.

Let me know if I should post this message somewhere else.

Thanks for the invitation, I had a great time in London!

If you don’t want to start a new thread then I’d suggest using the CoTech XMPP Server one — everybody in CoTech can have a Nextcloud account, if they don’t already have one. The Nextcloud account can be used to authenticate against the CoTech Prosody XMPP server (I assume your chat is still using Prosody?).

No, unfortunately we’re still using our old chat, the new one is coming soon!