CoTech fund update

A quick update on the CoTech fund. In January we agreed to pilot a fund to be used by CoTech. The fund takes contributions from coops who wish to participate in the pilot at a rate of £1/member/week.

Of the 9 coops who agreed to take part we have received contributions from 4 (with one more so far promised).

The total in the fund (held in our Unity Trust bank account) currently stands at £1,092.00.

You can see the bank statements we have received and other paperwork in the cotech/fund git repo.

If you’re one of the 9 coops who agreed to take part, you should have received an email with details of how to make your contribution. I’ve also sent receipts for the payments received to the 4 coops who have contributed so far. If you’d like to take part in the pilot you can still do so, of course, drop me a line ( for details.

We haven’t decided how to decide how to spend the money, so if you have any thoughts, fire away.


Thanks so much for pursuing this work @chrislowis!


We now have a first Fund proposal live on Loomio!

Co-ops that contributed so far are:
The Dot Project
We are open
Co-operative Web
Go Free Range
Principle Six
Agile Collective

We warmly encourage other co-ops to join the pilot fund!

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