CoTech Fund 2021 - join now!

It now seems even more important to build up tangible resilience within our network and one way to do that is through CoTech fund.

If this is the first time you hear about the fund, please refer to README file in the repo where we keep a ledger of the fund’s activity.

Following from the CoTech general circle calls this year and the outcome of a proposal on Loomio (please refer to the minutes), we would now like to invite all the co-ops in CoTech to join the fund for 2020!

Similarly to Solid Fund, it is £1 per member per week billed annually in advance. If your co-op wants to join please email treasurer at and tell us how many members your co-op has. We will then send you an invoice from the fund with the payment details on it.

A discussion about the future of the fund is, of course, very welcome, thanks to everyone involved so far!


Just updated the thread title to 2021 and will proceed with sending invoices to co-ops who paid into the fund last year.

If your co-op amongst those who contribute please feel most welcome to step up and get in touch (details in the post above)!