CoTech Community Call

I can make it but will mostly just be listening! See you at 4. :smiley:

Hey can you send the conference call link please?

don’t forget everyone, Jitsi likes Chrome!

Hello there,

Can somebody who isn’t currently in CoTech, but would very much like to join (like me) join the call and at least listen?

Ok, this is not going well for :disappointed_relieved:

I think we may have broke Jitsi

Holy crap I just managed to call in with my mobile phone. Nice :rofl:


Then enter the pin 3647513798 (quite quickly) then hit #

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I have updated the wiki entry for these Community Calls and added the calls to the list of our Infrastructure.

Feel free to tweak structure even further. Hopefully that has made the info a bit more accessible. It would be great to make the actual minutes and agenda formatted a bit better.

P.s. I have tested our Nextcloud Talk and it is possible to just share a public link to anyone and they join as a guest user. It’s much simpler interface. We should test for quality/stability next.

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Hey! I wrote a SUPER FAST blogpost for the call that just happened. Wanted to make sure I didn’t hold up @chris @chrislowis and @decentral1se with the Newsletter :smiley:

Do feel free to suggest edits if you have any. Like I said, I wrote super quickly:


Thanks @laura I have added it to the newsletter.

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Our next CoTech Community call is coming up on April 25 at 4pm GMT. In terms of agenda, I added a few Standing Items. I also see that @decentral1se has started a website channel in Slack, and has a bunch of issues on github, so maybe you can talk about that? I recall in February @dansmallaxe meeting up with the Brand and Identity crew. Could you give an update on brand/narrative/identity? I think these two things tie together :slight_smile:

What else should we put on the agenda? Do YOU have ideas? It’s OUR network, this ain’t the Laura show. Add your ideas!

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Thanks for pushing that, I added some items for the agenda. Chat to you all then.

Hi all

I can’t make the call next Wednesday unfortunately.

The Brand/Identity group did meet for the first time a couple of months back, but we didn’t manage to find a date for a follow up yet, and in the mean time I’ve been concentrating on this piece of work with the Dot Project on pulling together a pitch deck for some CoTech dev services to offer the Co-op group and other larger clients. As part of this we’re doing some work on both the copy and the visual identity of CoTech, so these can definitely feed into any website work once complete (in a few weeks I think).

As per the other thread, based on looking at the website before, my priority would be to radically simplify and focus the homepage from how it is at the moment - I have a rough idea of what layout and content we could use instead from the prototype work at Wortley Hall, but can hopefully finalise this once the Co-op group stuff is done. Will update everyone once we have some more progress.



Thanks @dansmallaxe - FYI, I gave you and your collaborators the title “Dan and the Brand Band”, which I feel is awesome. While you’re at it, feel free to make T-shirts that say that and send me one :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, the agenda is looking good. Don’t forget to add stuff you want to talk about CoTech world!

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I think there was a plan to try using NextCloud talk for this next Community Call?

Hi anyone looking for the Community Call:

Welp. the few of us who showed up decided to cancel and reschedule.

Are you in? This Thursday, Friday or Monday? Which day do you prefer? Time will be 4pm.

Hi, I can make all three times.

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No response, so today is a no-go. Will ping folks in the slack channel too.

@chrislowis is in for Monday, as is @Leutha and me. Who else? Agenda is here but we can talk about whatever you all want! Hence the name COMMUNITY call :wink: