CoTech Call TODAY! 25th November 2020

Sorry for the 25 hours notice but we have out monthly call at 4pm tomorrow (4pm on the last Wednesday of every month).

So there is a wiki page for the agenda, lease add to it!

We can use this meeting room CoTech

Hope to see and catch up with some of you tomorrow :slight_smile:

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I’ll be there! Is there a calendar invite we can subscribe to anywhere, by any chance? :slight_smile:

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Sorry I have a calendar clash today but I’m very open to suggestions about when to do the GN bit of the meeting GreenNet's application to join CoTech - #16 by edmaw

I wriggled my calendar! looking forward to see you all at 4

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The current discourse-events plugin we have on this site did get a Add to Calender feature added, see the button above, however this plugin is now depreciated:

Please take a moment to consider whether the new Event features in the Discourse Calendar plugin made by the Discourse team are right for you. If they meet your needs, we recommend using that plugin.

So when I get around to it I’ll probably switch this site to use that.

The notes from the call are on the wiki.