CoTech Call July 28th 2021

The next CoTech general call will be Wednesday, July 28, 2021 3:00 PM

Be there or


I added links to the recent conversations on network facilitation and onboarding to the agenda, there were some good suggestions and I didn’t want them to die!


I look forward to the discussion surrounding the Network Coordinator position.

Are these discussions recorded for those who are unable to make the meeting?

Heya @GreyProgramming, looking forward to speaking! You can find notes from past meetings on the wiki here: Category:Meetings - CoTech

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Ooh! I do love me a well organised minutes folder.

Starting in 53 minutes, speak soon!

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Ok. I don’t have edit rights for the Wiki, so please accept these minutes, and if someone could add them to the wiki when they have a chance, that would be fab.

In attendance:
Calum Mackervoy - Code-operative
Calix - Autonomic
Luke - Autonomic
Morgan Grey - Independent

  1. Intros.

  2. Examination of the agenda.

  3. Network Coordinator Position
    ->Examination of listing as-is. - Morgan has created a document with questions for herself: Cotech Coordinator - Google Docs
    β†’ Some of the wording is quite fuzzy.
    β†’ Β£100 from 44 member companies is 50K

β†’ What would they do?
β†’ What is the position for?
β†’ Does the coop bring business to the businesses?

  • Discussion of emailing Sophie from Happy Dev to discuss an overview of their role and the defined role and responsibilities.
  • β†’ Starting small on an email mailing list?
  • β†’ Rather than a single role, the responsibilities could be divvied up and members who do the work can be reimbursed from the central funds?

No decision can be made today due to lack of participation, but Morgan remains interested provided not too much of a pay drop.

  1. Onboarding Process
  • β†’ Michael Fignell looking at putting together?
  • β†’ Slides to be part of welcome email?
  • β†’ > Automatically sent when people join? (no)
  • β†’ > Could it be automated?
  • β†’ Communications/content design people in the coop?
  • β†’ Who does the onboarding and gets people into the system?
  • β†’ funding for labor
  • β†’ > A applies to join - B says I will claim for their application - B onboards them and claims for X hours helping with their proposal and onboarding.
  1. Monthly Calls
  • What are they for?
  • Are they working?
  • Are people empowered to make decisions?
  • β†’ Meeting requires representatives from 1/3 of the companies present to make any decisions
  • β†’ Attendance has been dropping
  • β†’ Need to examine what works and what doesn’t - Agile approach?
  • Could they be used as an obvious entry point for onboarding of members?
  1. Final Question arising: Should monthly calls be moved to quarterly?
  • Less often than present, likely to attract people who are more burnt out of regular digital meetings
  • More often than bi-annual gatherings
  • Question to be asked of the wider co-op.
  1. No AOB raised
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