CoTech at London Tech Week


When you put it like that @chrisroos is sounds AWESOME. #CoOpsRuleOK


Hey all, sounds great to me. Although have to admit I struggle to envisage how it might generate sales for CoTech members?!

I also couldn’t notice that the copy so far mentions neither the word co-op not worker ownership which personally I think is a mistake.

Could we perhaps add words similar to those found on the website?

Cooperative Technologists:
Building a tech industry that’s better for its workers and customers through co-operation, democracy and worker ownership.

Think the CoTech logo and url should obviously be on the fly/ graphic too.

Newspeak House nice (and I really like the outside terrace for smoking etc) but hosting at Space4 does seem to make most sense.

Also: do we really need to pay a DJ? Surely together we could just play a few records/ playlists/ whatever. I’d actually rather like to bring a few random records along (funk, soul, reggae, that sort of stuff) if they’ll be decks to play them on? (or is that really why we’re getting a DJ? so they’ll bring their decks) And/ or my laptop which has loads of music on (as I imagine does everyone else’s) :slight_smile:




Hey all, sounds great to me. Although have to admit I struggle to envisage how it might generate sales for CoTech members?!

I don’t know whether it will generate any sales but I reckon we should give it a go given how relatively cheap it is to get CoTech in front of people that probably wouldn’t hear about it otherwise.


United Diversity is now a member just waiting for @joaquimds to sort me a CoBudget login… :slight_smile:


Absolutely! Certainly worth doing imho.

Now wondering if proposed CoTech hack days are before or after this… (Hopefully before so we can have more in place prior, especially better handle on skills and capacity within network)

/me goes to check


Ah no, Tech Week before (11th-17th June) CoTech hack days at Space4 (21-23rd June). Oh well, nevermind. It’ll still be awesome and still very much worth doing (and hopefully will give a bit of impetus for member co-ops to ensure all their data is up to date too anyway)


Hey everyone,

Happy Friday update:

  • GFR will pay for the £300 ad. (Hoorah!)

  • Outlandish has agreed to pay up to £1000, provided that the party is at Space4, not ticketed and not paid bar: seeing it pretty much the same format at the Space4 launch party. (Hoorah!)

  • Hilary from Sleuth co-op will also put in £100. (Hoorah!)

  • Ouishare has agreed to promote the event as a partnership and will (hopefully) also contribute financially towards it a small amount. They also have some contacts with corporate organisations who are interested in flat structures and adopting some co-operative principles so they will target them.

  • SUMA has offered to bring 13 cases of beer.

  • Also met someone who works at Tech Nation who might help us with invites and promo.

@jdaviescoates re. your comment about a DJ, last time we had someone there who brought the equipment, including a mic for speeches. It was really great not having to worry about that side of things on the night. Sometimes we’ve had DJs and sometimes playlists. I don’t mind either way, just personally don’t want to have any of the hassle on the day. If you’re willing to take this aspect on that would be great.

@jdaviescoates re. sales, this is indeed an experiment. We hope that we’ll be attracting at least a few new people and that those people will be working in the digital arm of institutions and larger organisations (there are quite a few big legal and pensions companies who seem to be involved, for example), and they they may have budget to spend on tech projects or consultancy work about non-hierarchical organisations. By keeping costs as low as possible this year, it should allow us to learn whether this is something to do next year with more prep and targeting. This is kind of a foot-in-the-door.

@jdaviescoates about the ad copy, that was basic placeholder. Anyway we now will not be building our own mini-site. But yes, noted re. mentioning CoTech more in line with whats already on the website.

Next steps:

  • Everyone draw up a list of desired invitees - think this should be existing contacts and desired attendeed.
  • Write some copy for the ad (me and @RichardE and @dansmallaxe ). Once I get this sorted @chrisroos I’ll send it over and if you could pay for the ad direct I think that’s easiest.

Enjoy the bank holiday!!!


Fantastic update, thanks @polly!

Appreciate your comprehensive individual responses to my many random comments - hope I didn’t come across as questioning in any way your evidently awesome organising skills - just trying to help and thinking out loud :slight_smile:

re. DJ was just wondering how to cut costs and save money (and I fancy playing a few records :stuck_out_tongue: ), but sounds like we’re pretty sorted on money front now and so £120 for someone to minimise hassle and sort that side of things sounds like money well spent.


@jdaviescoates not taken as questioning at all!

I’ll give you a shout next week about music, would be nice to crowdsource it. Can you put together some kind of digital playlist or are you just on vinyl?


@polly I’ve got an 800Watt PA, plus mixing desk, that i could bring in.

It was used for live gigs including outdoor theatre, so is probably a little over-powered for the indoor space you have, but the offer is there if you need it. :smiley:


@polly have we got a date fixed for this yet?

(was about to add to my calendar to increase likelihood of being able to attend but couldn’t actually find a date)




Hi everyone,

We have finally published the event. Hoorah! The party will be on June 15th at Space4. Please see below for the link and to sign up. Please share with clients and friends. Please Tweet etc.

See you on the dance floor! I’ll hit up you guys who said they can contribute some £££ soon!