CoTech and Happy Dev meetup in France?


Would anyone be up for going to France for a weekend in Spring to spend some time with Happy Dev? This is an idea that came up during the last hack. There’s currently no fixed plan, it would be up to the people who came along to shape the weekend and decide on how work-y they’d want it to be. Here are some thoughts for what we could focus on:

  • Developing new tools for collaboration between CoTech and Happy Dev (Starting Blocks for example)
  • Developing new ideas for how to build the community internationally
  • Coworking on our own projects in a new environment (and having the social element of the weekend to get to know each other better)
  • Anything else.

Mai from Happy Dev has been having a look into accommodation and has found some gites near Calais which are between €30-€60 pp/pn. I would reckon that including travel from London and food and drink we’re looking at a cost of something like £250/pp for the weekend.

Please let me know here if you would potentially be interested in participating and if you have ideas for making the weekend productive!

Thanks :slight_smile:


I’m in! :slight_smile:

I would be up for it but my French is not great (damn School).

Sounds like a totally awesome idea, might be worth considering doing it before 29th March (but that is probably too soon to get it organised) or a few weeks after in case of Brexit travel chaos? :worried:

Can’t be 100% sure, but I’d certainly be very interested.

Code-Operative already have plans to go to Paris to meet Happy Dev around Easter time, so mid-late April. One of our members has a (nearly completely) renovated barn in the countryside, about an hour away by train. We’ve been talking about going over there since August

I was thinking that we should try to make the gathering more of a big deal, and having CoTech come definitely would be.

On making the weekend productive, one of the things I like about happy dev’s rocketchat is that they have a channel called World Domination. I’d be a big fan of that being the theme of the weekend (or perhaps European Domination for now, to be pragmatic). So, big talk, projections in that direction, potentials and possibilities, what’s the political sequence like in our respective nation-states, general co-op takeover etc.

Code-Operative has been talking about the UK Labour party quite a bit regarding its policy on co-ops not being exactly how we’d like it, and we’re thinking about whether we want to make some kind of intervention. It would be nice to talk about that with other people.


Ah well that’s exciting news! Sounds like it would be nice to tag along for your weekend if we can.

I’m pretty up for world domination discussions! It’s pretty high level but people could always break into smaller groups if there’s something they’d like to focus on.

We’re simultaneously trying to organise a CoTech gathering in Sheffiled on another thread so I guess we should try not to make these too close so we don’t get fatigued!


I’m over near that way and would join.

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