Coops working with Blockchain / Crypto

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I’m the writer for The Blockchain Socialist and as you can imagine I write articles about the intersection between blockchain and left wing politics. One of the areas I’m pretty interested in exploring more and getting together is the cooperative space and how coops could take advantage of the technology for funding, governance, or whatever else. I’m currently looking to schedule interviews in 2020 with people working in cool projects involving blockchain and coops.

Some examples of what I’ve written so far include a Blockchain 101 for Socialists and an analysis of neoliberalism in the crypto space.

Let me know if you are a cooperative working on a cool project involving blockchain or cryptocurrency and would be interested in doing an interview!

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Love it, you can count on me. I’d be literally writing about that soon, probably in my linkedin or in

Here are some project examples that I consider left-friendly or at least, non-capitalist of distributed ledgers, many of them organised as coops:

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Very cool thanks for all the suggestions! Although I knew about many of the projects, you’ve given me plenty of studying to do :slight_smile:

It seems that you know quite a bit already so I hope you’ll join the community I’m trying to build as well!

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Thanks!, I’m glad I can help. You can count on me for content building. I’d encourage you to consider creating some sort of decentralised and discrete “grassrooted thinktank” / "coversatories. (We might want to get some inspiration from WikiLeaks or Annonymous for instance). While I do recognise as a priority to build counter-infrastructure to challenge capitalism (like creating new coops and post-capitalist institutions that expose contradictions of our current system while elevating material conditions of workers in a fair manner), in a moment in which elite-run capitalist-reformist thinktanks like WEF seems to start appropriating the concept of, for instance, platform cooperativism, I think we should also remain critical and united in a bottom-up approach co-creating counter-knowledge and counter-culture (superstructure) on the basis of internationalism as that might allow us to prevent an elite-built narrative to prevail over grassroot working-class narratives. Building superstructure alongside with infrastructure might, at the same time, be useful to improve and sophisticate that non-capitalist counter-infrastructure, creating a virtuous feedback loop as we resist, currently, hegemonic models of societal organisation.

In addition, here is another blockchain-based project I forgot to mention: The project is funded in Argentina, I know the founders, I regard them as great scientists.

Thanks for your support!

I guess at the moment I’m a bit of a one-man think tank, at least that’s explicitly leftist. Ideally I would really love to see more people doing similar work and would definitely be interested in creating a decentralized leftist crypto think tank. I’m always open to any collaborations :slight_smile:

In the meantime, feel free to join the r/cryptoleftists subreddit or the Discord, here’s an invite link: