Cooperatively run streaming platform?

Hello. I’m looking for a project running or similar as a service so that we could do live streaming via OBS. I have a swim team meet in Chicago, IL, US on Halloween and 30-40 parents who have to wait outside the facility due to COVID-19. Since minors are involved, we would love a private link (or at least obscure) and the streaming only available for a short period; we can distribute the video file though other methods later (although having it available later is great). In particular, our swim team wants to avoid Facebook, Google and other proprietary players since our children’s private is paramount. Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

Hi Clark,

I don’t know what ‘OBS’ stands for so this may miss your requirements… however, it might be worth trying Jitsi Meet as offered by one of the various privacy/community-oriented Jitsi Meet providers.

Here’s the description of the Jitsi service provided by the privacy-oriented service I use:

“Video-chat tool in the browser, setting up an online video meet-up is easy peasy with Jitsi Meet! Create an event and send the link to the particpants, possibly adding a password to ensure it stays private. That’s it!”
From en:nomagic:appliweb:jitsimeet [NOMAGIC Documentation]

They are part of a federation (including the better-known Framasoft folks) that offer a range of collaboration and sharing tools with data privacy and community in mind, rather than commercial success.


Hey Clark,

I’d be happy to set something up with you.
I’ve been working on a project behind the scenes and I think openstreamingplatfotm could work great.

Drop me a message, be interesting to work with you.

@liam That sounds lovely. As a new poster and can’t do direct messages.

@Lee So information on OBS can be found at – it’s the standard for those doing gaming video casts. Most camera/HDMI setups provide compatibility with OBS.

Hi Clark,

I’m very aware of OBS, thanks to my many hours of being on twitch lol.
drop me an email if you’d prfer.
What’s your timescale to have something up and running by?

Another options I’ve seen:

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