Cooperative Intellectual Property & Patent Management

I am Muirén ([Muir = sea + éan/én = bird, sounds like moorayn ), an enterprise and product architect currently founding the Síofгa Tech Worker Cooperative & Intentional Community dba Síofгa Tech Musıc Instгuments.

I searched and did not find a specific Catagory here for Intellectual Property and Patent Management, and though familiar with both cooperative and intentional communities from direct experience since the early 1970s, I have never in the past half-century found camaraderie, the acceptance of a community where I could benefit from the casual exchange of ideas with like-mind people.

I seek research and precedent for the integration of Intellectual Property and Patent Management adapted to the culture and economics among co-creatives within a for-profit worker cooperative, established as a B-Corp Social Purpose Corporation, and engaged in the manufacture of hardware/software as well as providing integral support services.

In specific, I am interested in the adaptation of an IP & Patent Pool to reduce systemic cost and accelerate co-creative development among constituents as well as streamline the purchase and or donation of property or license for use by external corporations.

This is critical to the advancement of my program since the common image of cooperatives is some cartoonishly oversimple idea borrowed from the Ayn Rand playbook of neo-Liberal self-service, the presumption being those with talent and who work hard but whose labor benefits lazy people of less or no talent.

The Innovation Policy Platform • Patent Pools and Antitrust
Patent pools are “one-stop-shop” licensing mechanisms that facilitate access to complex technologies with high levels of patenting activity. However, given that patent pools entail collaborations between patent owners, antitrust issues can arise if the pro-competitive features of the pool are not clearly defined. The impact of patent pools on innovation will be positive (e.g. will alleviate the effects of patent thickets) if the pools are not anti-competitive and fulfil certain conditions.