Cooperative ICO Block Chain

I am developing a cooperative in the space of Block Chain, that is looking for cooperatives, that has programming skills for the block chain. Ideally also for some people to be directors from this space. Please do be in touch if you are interested?

Hi Viran
I’m interested to learn more about your plans. Not a programmer myself, but I have a colleague who has done extensive work with blockchain, who may be interested to be involved, and I’m part of a cooperative cryptocurrency project so there maybe scope for collaboration. Feel free to reply here or email me directly at

Best wishes

Hi Viran, we’re building on blockchain-like technology (immutable ledgers
but with eventual consistency instead of onerous global monoliths).
Be interested in what you’re aiming at and whether what we’re dying is a

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Hi Graham,
I wonder if you recived my email ?

Sorry, missed the thread completely… Have you heard of (on bittrex)? There are loads of developers there who know what they are doing.