Conversion of a WordPress Bedrock site into a regular WordPress site

Does anyone have experience of converting Bedrock WordPress into regular WordPress sites?

We have a client who would like this doing for a site, I can provide further details, I have had a play with it, we have access to all the files, I’ve not been able to get the theme to work and a lot of the content appears to be in metadata tables in the database rather than post tables.

This seems like an odd request, I would probe as to why they want to go back to basic WP. Best thing would probably be just to export the XML and import that into a clean WP site if you needed to?

Thanks, we have the database and files, but I’ve been unable to get the theme working and the page content isn’t being displayed as it seems to be in metadata tables in the database rather than post tables – I’m not a WordPress expert.

I’m fairly close to an expert in wordpress, although never used Bedrock. Looks like a dev platform rather than anything to do with content. What’s the theme in use? Is there a changelog? Curious if the problem with not getting the site running is something else, like an old theme not compatible with your server environment. (Have had to rebuild a few sites recently with old themes that couldn’t run on PHP8 for example.)

I use a plugin called Advanced Content Fields which stores data outside the standard page/post content editor. Think some similar plugins do that as well.

It’s a custom theme, not an off-the-shelf one.