Consultant to review digital solution

Working with a large 200+ employee business who want a digital review undertaken, they need a platform to digitally record customer records.

“We will be looking for a review of our current systems and compare them to what is needed going forward.

If we progress with this build, what do we need to do differently to progress this better- including different resources if required.”

Any coops do this sort of consultancy? If so let me know and ill warm intro you (particulalry if your a member of


Hi @athertonjohn We’d be up for hearing more about this and a warm intro :slight_smile: We’ve done and do this kind of work, and are a member of too!

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@athertonjohn thanks for posting! Autonomic would also be interested. @RichardE perhaps we can collab?


@athertonjohn Ah, yes :man_facepalming: Could you please send it to Thanks!

fractals also have done evaluation of tech, from a user centred design perspective, so would be happy to chat and collaborate.