Community grants to any group interested in being an early adopter of social media platform coop

WeCo is a platform cooperative social media site.

It’s similar to Reddit, but it has polling tools and more sophisticated categorisation of posts. It’s free to use, but if you want to become a member-owner, you can either contribute as a software developer or pay a membership fee.

Here is a video demonstrating how WeCo works.

We are providing funding for communities that want to become early adopters.

We provide funding by donating 1$ to the community per user per week that the user has made at least one post. The post can be about anything - a link about geology, a funny video, a song you like, etc. If you do not know what category to post it, just add it on the main wall and we will add it to the right category.

This means that if the group can find 20 people who share at least one link per week to WeCo, it will mean over a 1000$ more funds for the group every year.

The community doesn’t have to be a coop - it can be a cooking club or a TV series fan club.

Joining as an user is free, if you want to become a member-owner, you can do it in our Open Collective here. If you are able to contribute as a software developer, you gain free membership.

We currently have two software developers who can both work at least few hours a week. Don’t be shy in proposing new features and other improvements to the site here. Feel free to also join our Discord chat group.

The funding for the community grant does not come from membership fees, it’s from a grant and from my personal account.

If you are interested or know a group that could be interested, let me know :slight_smile: