Coffee & Circumvention - Sept 19th - LDN

Hi all, We’re pleased to be hosting this event:

As far as I know it’s the first face to face IFF UK event It’s a free evening gathering - spaces are limited…


looks good - feel free to add it to the OPEN events cal if you like:

Strange title. What is the event designed to circumvent?

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From the webpage,

The monthly gatherings are designed to increase the webs of trust between and among communities throughout the world working on digital rights and Internet Freedom; bring in missing and often underrepresented voices; and increasing attention to local issues. In addition, by building a supportive global network, CC allows communities to cross-pollinate ideas, knowledge, and support across borders.

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Thanks for this. Will be heading along!

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My understanding is that it’s about circumventing internet obstacles such as state shutdowns and monopolistic corporates, both by creating communities/networks and sharing techniques - that’s an IFF theme.

worried that 6-10PM might be rather late for caffeinated drinks! :grimacing:

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Afraid I have a collision this day. :frowning:

Will try and see if someone else from Common Knowledge can attend.