Code-Operative would like to officially join CoTech. How?

Code-Op just had a formal meeting to discuss joining cotech, no objections and lots of enthusiastic ayes.

So today, I clicked on the page of the site to join, it says to fill in a form below: there is no form below.

From the gathering 2 weeks ago, I gathered that I’m supposed to email someone. Could someone DM me the email address please?

Looking forward to being a part of this

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Someone needs to start a proposal on the CoTech Loomio board for your co-op to join, the email address is

I have replaced two references the the non-existent form on the join page on the development version of the site:

If people are happy with this then these changes can be pushed to the live site using the button here:


Thanks @chris - I’ll pick up the application process on Loomio.

I’ve deployed your changes to the live site.


@KingMob I’ve opened a proposal on Loomio. I think you’ve done this already, but have a quick read of our constitution to make sure you’re happy with everything required of you to join (there’s not much, but take a look at the eligibility just in case).



Sounds like you’ve found your first task for CoTech!

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We have fixed that one already, plenty more issues to fix though.