Co-Working Hackathon 14th-16th June

There’s a “Hackathon” taking place in London.

Details here,

Anyone fancy getting a team together to take part?

My idea is to argue that the only real way that anyone can benefit from a co-working space is to own the enterprise that runs the space.

Anything else, and you are unnecessarily paying someone else’s profit margin, when you could be paying money to an enterprise that you own and control, ie. a Co-op.

It’s a situation that can benefit from Coasian Economies-of-Scale.

If it’s infrastructure, then it operates more effectively for the customers as a Co-operative.

As the sponsors include the Co-working Space/Venue that the event is taking place in, it’ll be interesting to see their reaction, when we tell them that what is most effective for their customers is something that they cannot provide… :smiley:

Hey Billy,

This looks up my street of course. Thanks for posting. HOWEVER, we have our Tech week Party Friday 14th and I really doubt that I will be in any fit state for a hack at 8.30am the next day. I’m potentially up for popping in at some point if there’s a team I can join, though I’m not sure how valuable that would be.

Pity. If only I were a teetotaller and a morning enthusiast :wink:

Keep me posted if you decide to go!


I’ll be going to the party as well. :smiley: