Co-operatives UK seeks social media agency for piece of work

Co-operatives UK works to empower and support co-operative enterprise with specialised knowledge and expertise, to grow the co-operative economy and create a fairer society.

We are looking for a social media agency or an agency with social media expertise to deliver the following work:

  • Undertake an audit of our social media presence
  • Produce a report with recommendations that include, but are not limited to:
    – What we should be doing and how to make our social media content and reach more effective, including organic and paid for
    – A content strategy for existing platforms we’re active on
    – A proposal for social media platforms we should have a presence on

Current social media channels include:

Our website is and you can also read our strategy.

If you’re interested in understanding more; want to send us an overview of the services you offer and costs; or would like to send a proposal and quote for this work, please contact

The work would need to commence before the end of the year.

Thank you.