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Will be posting updates as we go, here is the latest post :sunny:


@decentral1se the year is wrong :slight_smile:


@decentral1se the year is wrong :slight_smile:

Fixed, thanks :joy:

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Delighted to announce that we have finally published our federation proposal! :tada:

This is a document which aims to formalise the organisation of the project, focusing on a democratic process.

It’s open for comments, feedback, critique & amendments :nerd_face: We’d love to hear what you think :ear:

The Federation Proposal

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:trumpet: the new abra stable (v0.4.x series) is finally out :trumpet: this is the final alpha series before beta :exploding_head: you can run abra upgrade to get the latest copy of abra. There are migration docs for this release, some stuff has changed: Upgrade - Co-op Cloud: Public Interest Infrastructure. “stable” doesn’t guarantee a bug free experience :upside_down_face:, we’re still in alpha, but we think the interface churn is coming to and end now! If you run into any issues, please report Sign In - Co-op Cloud Code :sunglasses: Thanks for your testing efforts! Enjoy :heartbeat:

EDIT: we’ve had to push out another alpha breaking release, abra upgrade will get you the latest, docs & more on Upgrade - Co-op Cloud: Public Interest Infrastructure :blush:

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Pretty large project launched for us (Autonomic) which is using the Co-op Cloud stack! It will be interesting to see what other artist collectives will want to take the plunge into setting their up own digital infrastructure during/after documenta 15 :eyes:

Here’s a snippet from the public post:

The aim of is to create a digital infrastructure that is maintained by the lumbung network without being dependent upon exploitative digital infrastructures. The pandemic and the ensuing digitization of many aspects of creative practice, offered an extra reason to focus on networked media practices., therefore, is an urgent experiment that tries out what an artist-run digital space could be like. was conceptualized and developed together with @rra an artist and doctoral candidate in Interaction Design at Malmö University and with @autonomic. Their work for is part of the @coopcloud initiative, which allows other collectives to set up similar infrastructures.

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