[closed] Outlandish is looking for a CoTech member to project manage with us


We’re close to full PM capacity at Outlandish and we’re looking for someone from CoTech to join us for a little while. Here are a few things to consider:

  • This is not an attempt to poach anyone from a different co-op, we (CoTech) haven’t mastered project management on collaborations, so we think this is a good way to get insight on how we could improve it
  • We haven’t defined a timeline, that’s up for conversation. We’re pretty flexible and it could be a part time role/have increased hours depending on our workload
    *We’re probably going to be remote for the foreseeable because…you know…so no need to be based in London

If you’re interested, ping us an email on jobs@outlandish.com (sounds formal, it’s just an email address for Abi, Amil and myself).

Thanks peeps


Hey peeps, we’re really happy to say that @lucy and @dajbelshaw are going to be working with us for a couple of months :star_struck: I’ll edit the subject line to close it it.

We’re also working with @beng from Go Freerange on a project and @aaron on BD things, so there’s a CoTech cohort going on at Outlandish. Nice.