Climate Earth is looking to build an internal data tool with Sharepoint integration

Brief that Gemma Hampson posted on Agencies for good Slack that some folk may be interested in!

New brief alert! Potential £30k climate related project here for you. This is a EOI, so please don’t bombard the client with loads of info or a proposal at this stage. Climate Earth is looking to build an internal data tool with Sharepoint integration. Sharepoint is the single source of truth. It feels like something that could scale. They’re looking for an open source solution, although a no code and Sharepoint site could work for them too. The brief in brief:

  • The site would be an internal tool for users to add mainly qual data, and some quant.
  • They need to organise and review the data.
  • Editors need it to be flexible so they can add and change form fields.
  • It needs to integrate with Microsoft apps (Teams).

I offered same budget suggestions and they said it would likely be the upper end of the mid-range amount, which was £15-30k. VAT unknown though.I asked them a bit of a Q&A, so I’ll create a post with that info in it. If interested, you can email them directly with your EOI, which should be:* Name and contact details

  • A blurb about your agency
  • At least 3 relevant examples of your work, with links

Please tell them you’ve come via AfG.

And to reiterate - just this info for now please. They will choose 3-5 agencies to send a brief to and/or talk to.Contact:
Lucia Sobekova
Michele Mann seem like a really lovely team)


Hey Oliver!

Thanks for sharing!

We have been working with the team at CE on defining aToC for the project, and have done a small sprint of R&D that our findings will lead into this next phase. Which we will also be putting our names forward for it, be good to know who else is also getting in touch with them.


Hey @Mateus, thanks for the heads-up! (And thanks @bates_oliver for posting!) We were intending to put in an EOI. Would you potentially be interested in a team-up instead? Let us know if so, and we can set up a quick chat.

Solidarity, Michał, Calix on behalf of Autonomic

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Unless there’s a scope for collaboration with other orgs for user research or organisational/process facilitation I don’t think fractals are intending to express interest.

Happy we’re all chatting and that sharing is bringing us together :heart:



@3wordchant Always up for seeing how we could collab with other cotekkerz on projects

Let’s arrange a natter for one day next week when would work for you?

Be good to see how and when we could go about it.

For anyone else on this thread keen on collaborations we have some design circle capacity coming up so if anyone needs some extra design resources let me know!!!

yeah let’s have a meeting! Hope they’re still looking for work :crossed_fingers: How about Thursday 14 UTC?
Just to make sure - we’re talking about Client Earth, not Climate Earth right?

@Mateus hey! are yout still interested? We have capacity at autonomic, maybe we could meet next week?