Climate action react app deployment help needed ( ASP / Docker)

Whats required

Urgently require help from someone who has ASP / Docker skills. This is needed to help in the deployment stages of a well regarded app delivering functionality to help organise protests

The project is fully open source

Why needed?

As with any project based on volunteers - there has been a fluctuation in peoples involvement. With this one the main stalwart has returned to Australia and is far less available - just when the project has hit a technical problem.

The project’s product has been seen by a number of people and widely recognised as being potentially very effective - so its well worth completing this and getting it into use. I am a non technical Project Manager who is able to provide a supportive framework around these closing stages.

Specifically the project has deployed to the global server - but wont run. It has also been kindly deployed to another internal XR server as a comparison - but hits a problem there too.

What benefit does it offer XR?

Potentially this could provide valuable help when organising and maintaining protests as well as a simple tool for helping people find out about protests and get involved. This has been recognised within XR global - hence their willingness to get this deployed and running

Timescales and interactions

I will support and set up according to the technical need.


The project is well documented and completely open-source. A good start point for the info is here: Dodo: Project Brief - Google Docs

A working version of the app on a personal server is here (ssl has expired).

Please contact Brian Leite ( or Felix ( at Wave Design Co-operative

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Did everyone see this request? Please pass on to anyone who might be able to help: Climate action react app deployment help needed ( ASP / Docker)

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