Catalyst funding - Development Briefs (Dec 20)

Hey all, thanks to those who have engaged with the previous Catalyst announcement around Sector Challenges. A few of us have been collaborating on a private thread about those opportunites.


I wanted to give the CoTech community a heads-up on Development Briefs which are now live on Catalyst Open Projects. They’re all up to £30k (incl. VAT) for work between Jan-Apr 2021.

The deadline for applications is 16th December 2020.

:point_right: Please note that I’m taking the next few weeks off, so will not be co-ordinating responses to this round of funding. If you’re interested, get organising! :point_left:

Here are the briefs so far, with others still to be announced. You can sign up to be notified when that happens.

An integrated platform to support first online interactions with our green wellbeing service (Myplace), and builds a digital community and provides access to activities
This challenge seeks to create a semi automated environment for people actively engaging with The Wildlife Trust for Lancashire, Manchester and North Merseyside. Connecting individuals to groups and other services offers, the solution aims to create a welcoming, supportive and engaging environment.

Enabling Deaf & Disabled People’s Organisations to amplify Disabled people’s voices
This brief contains three different requirements: 1) To further develop an existing online resource library to help Deaf & Disabled People’s Organisations (DDPOs) improve their communication with the communities they support; 2) To run community journalism piloted during the research phase to 12-16 DDPOs; 3) To deliver coaching to a small number of DDPOs to identify accessible technical solutions (e.g. apps) that can be used by disabled people.

A teleconferencing platform for older people
This challenge: To research and implement a simple teleconferencing system that will enable older people to connect with carers and loved ones.

Create an online booking system for exercise classes, supported by an integrated database, using off-the-shelf tools
This challenge seeks to create a highly accessible and easy to navigate platform that enables older users to register, book and participate in online activities organised and delivered by Age UK Oxfordshire and their (remote) delivery partners.

E-commerce - online sales of reusable essentials
To create a digital e-commerce platform so that 100+ reuse charities can provide access to furniture and electricals online. The solution will enable people in a situation of crisis to make a house a home.

Building a web application to manage volunteer-run phone support programmes in Oxford
To build a web application to support the management of volunteer-run phone support programmes in Oxford.

Creating an e-learning platform for disadvantaged families with early years children
To create an e-learning platform(website or app) for families with early years children (2-4 years old) lacking access to resources and/or for whom English is an additional language.

Tackling digital isolation among visually impaired people in Lancashire
A programme of digital support for visually impaired people in Lancashire and Sefton to help tackle digital exclusion, loneliness and isolation.