Camplight - a digital cooperative is looking for like-minded partners

Hey, Everyone!

My name is Naska and I am part of the Digital Cooperative Camplight -
Camplight is created for individuals who enjoy freedom, collaboration, and progress. We provide a cooperative human environment based on trust, responsibility, and transparency.
Currently, we are a team of 21 people developing software products and services. Most of us are based in Bulgaria, but we are all travelers so all the work is done remotely.

I would like to ask if there is digital cooperatives, organizations or individuals in the audience who are interested to connect with us and keep in touch?
We believe it’s a great opportunity to stay connected with like-minded organizations which have the mindset to work on projects that matter, support each other and collaborate!

If you would like to drop us a line and say “Hello”, I will be more than happy to share our experience, best practices and the challenges that we are currently facing.

Thank you!
Naska Yankova


Hi Naska!

A pleasure to greet you.

I’m Nicolás, a member of a software development co-op in Argentina called Fiqus.

We have been working for more than a year in connecting with other cooperatives or collaborative projects similar to ours, to keep in touch and to build collaborative relationships.

We are interested in meeting you!

I will send you an email to arrange a call.

All the best,


Hi Nicolas,

Great! Looking forward talking with you! :slight_smile:




I just sent you an email to arrange a call.