Campaign Lab IV - Help model the impact of austerity on election results

Hi all!

You’re invited to join for Campaign Lab next month on October 16th at Newspeak House - we’re working on developing an evidence-based approach to electoral campaigning.

Thousands of activists across the UK volunteer their time and energy for electoral campaigns every year. Year in, year out, we use the same campaigning methods and tools we always have, because we think they work.

But there has never been any contemporary analysis or studies undertaken to assess the impact or value of electoral campaigning methods in the UK. Similarly, there have been precious few attempts to determine the effect of local economic factors such as house prices and austerity on election results and vote share.

So, if no one else has done this, then maybe it’s about time we started?

We’re building a repository of publicly available data and models to better understand the 2018 Local Elections, identifying which results bucked the national political and demographic trends. These are areas in which local campaigning may have actually made a difference and where we can start learning and testing.

But we need your help. Check out the Eventbrite link below to find out more and how you can help!

As always beer, refreshments & a hearty feast provided :wink: