Building Debian PHP Packages with GitLab CI and Ansible

I’ve spent the last week or so on this so though it would be worth blogging about and also posting here:

This is awesome! Thanks for taking the time to write that blog post.

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Cheers, you might be the only person who read it — I checked the Matomo stats the day after posting it (something I hardly ever do) and only four visits had been recorded (this might not include you, if you set the Do Not Track header you are not tracked)— long tail content I guess :rofl:.

I read some of it, and mentally bookmarked the rest for future perusal!
Thanks Chris!

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It turns out I was too eager to publish this blog post — I should have fully checked that the updated PHP packages could open more that 1024 sockets (it turned out that they couldn’t) — Apache and OpenSSL packages also have to be rebuilt.

I also found that the PHP script to test the bug, posted to this issue, always fails in Docker with more than 1024 file descriptors but doesn’t fail when run in a regular VM, I’m not sure why, there must be a Docker limitation of some kind.

I believe I have finally cracked it all and the packages are currently being rebuilt, hopefully for the last time before new Apache, OpenSSL or PHP versions mean that an automated rebuild needs to be triggered.

It has been an interesting learning curve… :smile: