British Digital Cooperative

Is this project/proposal on anyone’s radar?

A bunch of media scholars and left wing intellectuals are theorising about replacing/altering/augmenting something like the BBC to be a kind of national software house.

(There’s a lot more detail in the link)

I’m just wondering if they understand that there’s already a federation for the most cooperative tech people in the UK?

What concerns me is that it’s quite easy to say “let’s make a nation-state scale tech coop” without actually dealing with the problem of setting it up. From what I understand this project is another nail to be dealt with by the hammer of Corbyn: I think that approach is doomed to failure.

Does anyone already have a connection with this project? Are people interested in talking to the proponents of it on semi-behalf of cotech?


Ah, from the footnotes I can see that Jan from common knowledge assisted with this document.