Bristol Energy Co-operative Funding Round is closing in 5 days

I received their latest mailshot this morning,

Investment Closing Alert :smiley:

This is interesting from more than one perspective.

  • It’s an example of a co-operative raising money from the public in a manner that is compliant with the UK financial regulations, so would be a good case study for other co-operative’s that would like to do the same.
  • This will also answer a number of questions that had cropped up on other funding threads.
  • The BEC are planning to start local-based energy co-op’s, which is why they are raising the money. They will need technology services, manufacturing services, as well as the usual range of business admin services. When they’re tendering for work, it only makes sense for them to prioritise other co-op’s for the contracts, so there’s possible work there. :slight_smile:
  • It’s also an opportunity for anyone who wants to start an energy co-op, as BEC are all about supporting the set-up of new co-op’s, and they’ve got the financial muscle available to achieve the economies of scale that are currently only available to larger corporates.
  • This is also a GreenTech investment, so there’s a range of tax-breaks available for this, which would also be worth talking with BEC about, as they’ve already set up the process-flow that uses them. Another aspect of the case study worth looking at. :slight_smile:

While this is how i see the process, i sill hear the voice in the back of my head that says i’ve missed something.

Any thoughts on what i’ve missed?