Brief CoTech co-ops survey - please respond before mid-June!

We’ve recalled at Animorph how great it was to start our gatherings with a little update on what CoTech members had been up to since the previous gathering! In the past, the newsletter💌 came handy as a way of compiling updates from the co-ops.

The gathering is just around the corner - could your co-op kindly answer the two questions below?

  • What was a highlight in your co-op since the last gathering (September 2021)? Please share links if applicable.
  • What are your co-op’s ambitions for the coming year? How could CoTech support it?

You can post your response in this thread or respond to the survey via this link.

Will happily present what we’ve heard from you at the start of the gathering on Wednesday morning! :balloon:


Please respond :feather: by the end of today, it will help us kick off the gathering tomorrow morning! :artificial_satellite:

I looked at the survey. It didn’t really make any sense to me. It said itwas anonymous, but asked for the name of my co-op. Then asked a couple of questions for which I have no substantive answers - there are no ‘highlights’, and my ambition for the year ahead is to do less.

Thanks for sharing @Graham !