Break the System: Problems around technology in the criminal justice system

Hi everyone,

You are all invited to our next Cotech event here at SPACE4, Finsbury Park focusing on problems around technology in the criminal justice system and how we might solve them.

In prisons, access to technology is severely restricted. This is supposedly for safety and security reasons. But what does that mean for people in and leaving prison? They can be totally cut off, not only from events in the outside world, but also from skills and knowledge that could be essential to them. People leaving prison may be years behind when it comes to understanding the rapidly changing world of tech and digital tools. This can have massive implications to them finding a job and reintegrating smoothly into society.

Join us for short panel talks from people trying to address these issues, followed by a discussion about the topics raised. IRL drinks and snacks provided.

You can register here hope to see some of you on the 8th December :grinning:


Oh, that’s super interesting! Are you going to stream the talks? I’ll get the snacks :wink:


yes we will live stream it :slight_smile:

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Hey everyone,

Just a little reminder that we’re running this event tomorrow evening 7pm. We’ll publish the stream/video call link tomorrow morning on the Eventbrite page and Meetup Page.

This is the first event like this that we’ve hosted at SPACE4 for a while now, so would be great to see some CoTech faces. We call these the 'London CoTech Meetup" events because we try to touch on issues of politics. ethics and tech. Remember to get in touch if ever you have an idea for an event that you’d like to see take place or help to organise!!