Boosting our geeky following

Hey everyone,

Here at SPACE4 (and to an extent Outlandish) we’re trying to build up our social media/comms presence when it comes to the more technical workshops that we’re running.

Quite a lot of our followers seem to be more interested in the ‘fluffier’ side of our work, which is totally great, but I don’t want to lose our roots and rep with the hardcore technologists. If you know of any newsletters/mailing lists/social media accounts where people in the hacker / open source fields might go for news, I’d be really appreciative if you could send us some links so we can sign up, post our things there and get more involved with those communities.

Thanks nerdz :heart_eyes:


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The main place I can think of is Hacker News, perhaps we might get something posted there and promoted to the front page :man_shrugging: ?

I know @alex has an account there and sometimes posts things, I just lurk are read stuff… :roll_eyes:

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It might be worth posting on the London HackSpace mailing list.

Google Groups :smiley:

If i think of anywhere else, that people from here aren’t posting already, i’ll add to the list. :smiley: