Blockchain workgroups?


Are there dev workgroups or agencies in this network working on blockchain solutions for co-ops start-ups?

I learned about the existence of R-Chain recently which is really Seattle-based buit does have European participation, and of 2 worker co-ops using blockchain, Womin on New York and I know there is a group working on crypto for co-ops in Berlin, but anyone on the UK?


Hi David,

I’m a blockchain developer who would love to work with any co-ops wishing to move into the space, if that helps?



Hi Steve,
Please to meet you. Do you work on your own?
I imagined there would be blockchain communities of interest and even dedicated agencies scattered about the country. I am trying to find out where they are.

Do you work on your own?

Mostly, yes.

Hey everyone! I’m from Fiqus (tech coop from Argentina) and some time ago I was investigating a little about blockchain and coops. I found R-Chain too, it looks good! In the meantime we start working for a blockchain here intercooperating with other tech coop called Eryx (Argentina based too) for a not coop company. The thing is that we are 11 tech coop workers working for a blockchain. So if you have some idea maybe we can help you to understand a little more about this. We are not long time specialists but we are learning. Best!


(ps. I recently got a PhD, looking at applications of blockchains. Here’s a couple of my personal projects: Provenator, ReportAid)


Interesting. v Ela Klagel here speaks about R-chain and they problems that they were going through in late 2018. Funding and governance related, and maybe something to do with c-operative values as well?
I wonder what that was about. Clearly a hot topic in R-chain…

Yes! I watched the same video.
I was thinking on a crypto based on software development work. So we can pay between software coops with that crypto. For example: I receive a payment from A coop for doing their website. Then I use that payment to pay to B coop to deploy some app I made in a server. Just for playing, understand in a deep way the blockchain world andddd maybeee something great happens! haha

Well done Steve! I read your abstract at least. Here is another use case that you are no doubt familiar with - blockchain to build a platform for Smart Contractors in the freelancer market.

blockchain to build a platform for Smart Contractors in the freelancer market.

Not familiar at all - how would that work?

I’m writing to Sasha Levin to find out.

Is that starting to happen, Hernan? (people trading dev time in crypto)

Not even close! just in the mind of some facttic members! I’m sharing the ideas because maybe somebody is thinking in something similar. This could be a important historical document 5 years in the future haha.