Beabee are looking for a frontend developer to help build a platform for independent community-powered newsrooms


beabee is project by CORRECTIV in Germany, The Bristol Cable and The Bureau of Investigative Journalism in the United Kingdom and Vereniging Veronica from the Netherlands. We want to empower independent local newsrooms in Europe, to help them start and run community-centred and community-funded newsrooms.

We are developing an open source platform that empowers newsrooms to do journalism with their communities and not just for them, turning audiences into active informants, members, supporters, volunteers or collaborators. We have a strong focus on privacy-by-design principles and putting the power of data ownership back in the hands of communities.

Our project has it’s roots in a platform built by and powering The Bristol Cable, one of Europe’s leading co-operatively owned media organisations. Our goal is to take this platform and turn it into something that newsrooms and communities anywhere can use to power their journalism

More details/job spec:


This sounds like a really fantastic project!

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