BDD test tools (ideally FOSS) alternative to Cucumber studio

I’m working on a project where we could really do with some sort of online dashboard so that people can see what tests are written and ideally carry them out (manually for now, though they will be automated in the future).

I think I’m looking for something like Cucumber studio which was formerly known as HipTest.

Does anyone use tools like that? TestLink is too ugly. Sorry, I know that’s not a great reason not to use it but I can’t be looking at that all day.

Hey @harry

This company basically sells what you are after as a service -

They have a micro-work thing to do the manual testing element, which might not align with things ethically.

TestRail seems similar -

I’ve not used either of these, but seem like nice dashboards for keeping things coherent.

I assume you realise this, but looks like lots of their stack is open source:

But I guess that’s missing the nice collaborative dashboard you’re looking for?

Other potential alternatives seem to be:


But again, looks like maybe they also lack nice dashboard.